Your First Visit

Information regarding your first visit to our clinic.

Your first consultation is an assessment and will most likely be with a pain specialist, who is a medical doctor with advanced training in pain management.

Your doctor will discuss the center’s services, your goals, and conduct a thorough medical assessment, including your pain history and its impact on your life. This helps develop a comprehensive treatment plan.

At the end, your doctor will recommend initial treatments and suggest seeing other team members. After all assessments, we will create a detailed treatment plan.

Post-appointment, your doctor will inform your referrer. Team members you see will also send similar updates.

Please note that urgent cases and the nature of chronic pain can cause delays. Allow extra time for your visit and be patient, as your doctor aims to provide thorough care for everyone.

What to bring

Care and understanding with a focus on treating your pain.

At Advanced Spine & Pain, we strive for the highest standards in patient care, providing comprehensive assessments and treatment plans. You can greatly assist us by organising some information before your visit, such as the items in the list ‘Things that you can bring to your appoinment​’.

Patient information form for pre-consultation can now be completed online via.

The fee will be discussed with you when you book your appointment. If this could be settled on the day of your appointment this would be appreciated.

We electronically submit to Medicare on your behalf so the Medical rebate can be back in your bank account within days if your details are up to date with Medicare.

If you have a current Workers Compensation or motor vehicle accident insurance claim the fee may be covered by your insurer. Please be sure to obtain approval prior to attending the clinic otherwise you will need to pay the fee on the day and claim it back from your insurer.

If you need to cancel your appointment, please contact us as soon as possible. Given that clinic and clinician time is valuable, cancellations within 48 hours of the appointment will incur a cancellation fee equal to the consultation fee. If you cancel more than once with less than 48 hours notice we may ask you to pre-pay for future appointments.

Things that you can bring to your appoinment

*Fee payable at time of appointment for all private patients EFTPOS or Credit Card. NO Surcharge on Credit Cards.


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